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During this unprecedented time, we recognize the impact the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is having on much of our daily lives. The health and safety of our employees, customers, and communities is always our top priority.

Alabama Wastewater wants to assure our customers and the communities we serve that we will continue our operations throughout the duration of this public health crisis. Our operations personnel will continue their work to keep the wastewater systems operating reliably and will be responsive to any service needs that may arise.

Any needs for service should be directed to us at 877-453-3268.

As this public health crisis continues to evolve, we will strive to keep our customers informed and work to be responsive to our customer’s and community’s needs.
You are now able to manage your account online! This includes checking your balance, viewing payment history, and making online payments. It's all part of our newly enhanced customer care section of the site. Give it a try by clicking the link below.
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I want to check my balance online and make a payment with my credit card. Can I do that?

Yes! The Customer Care Online Portal is now available so you can view your account history, print out your latest statement, request service, or even make a payment whenever you'd like. The Portal gives you 24/7 access to your account.

I have a Septic tank in my backyard. Why do I Pay a sewer bill?

The tank is the first part of the sewer system. Following the tank is a series of collection pipes, a treatment system that serves the entire subdivision and a clean water dispersal system.

Why do I pay the same amount for sewer if my water usage varies?

The monthly residential sewer fee is a fixed amount which is set by the Alabama Public Service Commission. Most of the costs associated with operating the systems are fixed costs that do not vary with water usage to a significant degree.

Who sets the monthly rate that I pay for sewer?

The monthly residential sewer fee is set by the Alabama Public Service Commission.

How does this sewer system work?

The interceptor tank (septic tank) in your yard separates solids from liquids and provides primary treatment (see below). The liquid in the tank is piped to a treatment system which serves the entire subdivision. The treatment system cleans the liquid to separate out clean water. The clean water is returned to the soil using a drip irrigation system usually in a large field.

I moved from a city where sewer bills were the same as my water, why does this cost more?

With few exceptions, the amount of your sewer bill is not tied to your water usage. It is a fixed amount based on the costs of operating the utility and providing the service. Unlike cities, no government grants are provided to these systems. The non-subsidized costs of operating the system is usually more than cities charge.

Do I have to pay to get my septic tank pumped out?

No. The tank pumping varies but typically it is needed every 5 to 7 years. Alabama Wastewater pays the cost of tank pumping.

Is it okay to install a water softener system in my home?

No. While water softener systems may not directly affect the bacteria in your waste stream, they do affect the specific gravity of the water. This causes complications with your tank's ability to provide primary treatement as the scum and sludge layers cannot properly form.

Is it okay to have a garbage disposal in my kitchen sink?

It is okay to have a garbage disposal in the kitchen sink. However, the list of do’s and don’ts should be observed in determining what items can put down the garbage disposal.

Do I have leach field lines in my back yard?

No. The effluent from your tank is piped to the treatment plant. Once the effluent has been processed, the clean water is dispersed into a common dripfield like the one in the picture below:

Do I need to put additives in the system for the septic tank?

No. Additives are not needed.

If I want to install a swimming pool in my yard, who will locate the sewer lines?

Alabama Wastewater will locate the sewer lines on your property. Whenever excavation is planned, it is always best to notify Alabama One-Call. (1-800-292-8525, al1call.com) They will notify all utilities to mark their lines.

Is it o.k. to run my lawn mower over the green lid?

The top of the lid should be even with the ground level. If that is the case it is safe to mow over the lid with typical residential mowing equipment. Heavy tractors with wheel load over 1000 pounds should not mow over the lid.

I have a gray box on the side of my house that has a red lens cover on the front what does it do?

The grey box is the electrical control unit for a STEP system which uses a pump. The red lens cover on the front covers the alarm light. If that light is on it indicates a high water condition in the tank. Call the utility for maintenance if that occurs.

The riser and green lid are too high to mow over with my lawn mower. What do I do?

If the green lid in the yard is too high to mow over safely, Alabama Wastewater Maintenance should be called to get it adjusted.

My first floor toilet seems to be flushing slowly, is it a plumbing problem in my house or is something wrong with the septic tank?

Plumbing codes require that a clean out access be provided where the sewer line leaves your home toward the interceptor tank (septic tank). Remove the plug at the top of the clean out access (white plastic pipe plug). If no water comes out of the pipe the problem is with the plumbing in your house. You should get a plumber to correct the problem. If water comes out, the problem is with the interceptor tank and utility maintenance should be called.

I did not get a bill this month, what do I do?

The vast majority of our utility customers receive a bill that is fixed each month. If you are a fixed monthly fee customer it is safe to pay the same amount as you have been paying. However, it is important to notify the utility that a bill was not received.

I want to pay my bill by direct deposit. Can your company do that?

Yes! Go to the ACH Direct Deposit Online Form and follow the directions to get set up.

What do I do if the alarm sounds on my panel box on the house?

Call us at 877-453-3268 to set up a maintenance call.

Is there an odor associated with the tank in my yard?

The sewer system is sealed. Under normal conditions there should not be an odor from any of the sewer system components on the lot. The sewer piping leading out of the home to the interceptor tank vent any system gases through the vent pipes that go through the roof of the home.

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