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During this unprecedented time, we recognize the impact the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is having on much of our daily lives. The health and safety of our employees, customers, and communities is always our top priority.

Alabama Wastewater wants to assure our customers and the communities we serve that we will continue our operations throughout the duration of this public health crisis. Our operations personnel will continue their work to keep the wastewater systems operating reliably and will be responsive to any service needs that may arise.

Any needs for service should be directed to us at 877-453-3268.

As this public health crisis continues to evolve, we will strive to keep our customers informed and work to be responsive to our customer’s and community’s needs.
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What exactly is a "de-centralized" wastewater system and why should I care?

In a nutshell, a "de-centralized" wastewater system offers the convenience of public sewer without the encumberances or expenses that big pipe city sewer requires. Decentralized wastewater also means that you can now choose to live away from metropolitan areas without being forced to purchase an oversized lot lacking the community benefits of a traditional neighborhood. Because Alabama Wastewater is a publicly regulated RME and adheres to Adenus standards and specifications, you can rest assured that the system serving you will be operated and maintained professionally and in a manner similar to centralized sewer.

How do Adenus wastewater systems compare to traditional "big pipe" or individual septic systems?

Simply put, Adenus wastewater systems are better. They are more cost-effective, easier to maintain and much safer for the environment than all big pipe and most individual systems. Adenus wastewater systems are practically immune to the environmentally hazardous Inflow & Infiltration problems that plague most big pipe treatment plants and cause raw sewage to be dumped into our rivers and streams. Individual septic systems also fall short in comparison to Adenus solutions due to lot size restrictions, lack of maintenance and system reliability.

I thought having a septic tank in my back yard meant I had an individual, stand-alone system. What's the difference?

The tank in your back yard collects waste from your home and naturally processes it into a top layer of scum, a bottom layer of sludge, and a center layer of effluent or "gray" water. The effluent water is piped from your tank to an Adenus treatment system which restores the water to a high level of cleanliness. This treated water is then dispersed harmlessly into the ground.

Traditional septic tank and leach field single home systems offer no treatment other than what naturally occurs inside of the tank. This partially treated effluent can cause a biomat to build up on the outer surface of the leach field trenches. This leads to the eventual failure of the system.

When I signed up for service, I received a "Do's and Dont's" booklet instructing me what is safe to flush and what isn't. Why is that important?

Your tank has special equipment in it that handles waste in a totally different way than big pipe sewer. The filters and pipes included in the collection portion of an Adenus system cannot function properly if certain materials clog or otherwise obstruct outflow from your tank. If you need to take another look at the Adenus Homeowner's Manual (Do's and Don't for Your Effluent Collection System), click here.

What distinguishes Alabama Wastewater from other regulated Wastewater Management Entities?

In a word, experience. Alabama Wastewater was founded in 2005 and has large scale treatment plants in the greater Birmingham and Montgomery/Pike Road markets. We are a proven commodity in the marketplace and we only accept technology that meets Adenus standards for quality and longevity.

What is Adenus and why do I keep hearing them mentioned?

Adenus is a national wastewater company dedicated to providing turnkey wastewater solutions. Adenus was born from the need within the decentralized wastewater industry to offer sewer systems that are technically sound, environmentally friendly and professionally managed by a utility (Alabama Wastewater is an Adenus Utility). Adenus adheres to the Level 5 Responsible Management Entity model for maintaining decentralized cluster systems established by the EPA.

Why does that matter?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the federal authority on all issues affecting the environment. While environmental pressures have forced certain regions, areas, or states to have more progessive regulation passed than in others, the EPA's guidelines are generally considered to be the national standard for the wastewater industry.

Wait, I still have questions! Who do I contact?

Go to the “contact us” section and call or e-mail any member of the Alabama Wastewater staff.

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